Frequently Asked Questions

Frame and view

wie is frame and view?

We are professional architects and 3d-specialists, with a vast amount of experience in our field. We are devoted to get beautiful renderings of good designs to content clients.

Waarom frame and view?

We love good design and healthy business. We are convinced that a smart and sustainable attitude, enables to get high-quality renderings with affordable pricing and top-notch customer service.

Waar are you located?

Our headquarters are located in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Frame and View BV is registered at the Chamber of Commerce in that same beautiful city, under number 67453554.

When do you work?

We work efficiently and try to stick to a healthy and socially acceptable work week. Nevertheless, if your project needs it, we are always open to discuss an alternative schedule with you.


Our services

What kind of renderings do you make?

Every project is unique and we love diversity. We will discuss with you the desired atmosphere, that could range from sketchy collages for competition entries to photorealistic images for finished projects.

Do you also offer modelling services?

Yes. We can render your model or help you by making one. Since we are trained as architects, we love building things. Plus, our background enables us to help you with either a limited or full set of data.

Does your work include post-production?

Yes. We like to finish what we start. The visualisations that you receive are ready for presentation.

How do we communicate with you?

We are available by phone, e-mail or Skype and will always keep you updated on the project’s progress. We are serious about an open communication, as it ensures we deliver to your satisfaction.

What is the turn-around time of a project?

Your project’s turn-around time depends on its variables. However, we always aim to work fast and efficiently. We will send you the estimated time-line before the start of the project.

What is the mode of delivery?

We supply renders. The mode of delivery depends on what is easy to access for you. Usually we use WeTransfer or send by e-mail.

Your project

How do I start a project?

  • The easiest way is to leave your phone number here, with possibly a short project description.
  • After we get in contact, we will together discuss the details of your project, desired renderings and planning. Afterwards, we will send a no-obligation quote by mail within 24 hours.
  • Once you agree and confirm by mail, we could begin with the execution of your project.

How do we work together?

  • We will send concept images, to discuss with you the desired atmosphere, viewpoints, geometry, lighting, materials, etcetera.
  • We control our artistic egos, so you can easily use these images for sketching and explaination.
  • When we agree on the direction, we will work on the preliminary renderings. When you are satisfied, we will discuss the next steps including post-production and start with the final images.


Pricing and Payment

What do you charge?

Send us your project here and we will send you a no-obligation price offer within 24 hours.
We strongly believe that we give the best value for your money, offering high-quality renderings with affordable pricing and top-notch customer service. Yet, as you might imagine, it is difficult to quote without first seeing a project and understanding all of the variables. So let us show you how!

Why is your pricing affordable?

We are serious about our real work and only invest in those variables that lead to better renderings. Working on-line allows efficient work-flows, plus it enables us to keep overhead and operational costs low. Our expenses are less than that of a regular Western office and we pass on those savings to you with affordable pricing.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept bank wire transfer, PayPal and VISA, MasterCard, American Express (via PayPal).

When do I pay?

We ask that you pay 50% of the total upfront. The balance is to be paid at the time of project completion and your complete satisfaction.

What if I would want a refund?

We hurry to say that nobody has ever asked us for a refund, which we see as a recognition of our dedication to quality and service.




Yes, we respect your privacy and keep all correspondence strictly confidential. Your design and project details will not be shared with anyone, unless you give us your explicit permission.


You will. When you are satisfied, you pay the invoice. When we have received your payment, the renderings are yours. We may, with your permission, use them for our own portfolio with reference to you as the client.



Feel free to contact us.


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