Golf Club interior

Bernardus Café


Golf Course Bernardus is an 18-hole golf course, including a Michelin star restaurant, club and shooting range. Frame+View created 3D visualization and animation presenting the luxury architectural project of our clients, including the exterior CGI.

Golf Course Bernardus is located in the village of Cromvoirt just southwest of Den Bosch. The territory includes the landscape design of 28.5 hectares of new nature, a Michelin star restaurant, a clubhouse, a hotel, and a shooting range. A design for both the building’s interior and exterior was made by renowned designers Pieter Laureys and Patrick Russ.

Bernardus Café is situated in the Michelin award-winning restaurant Noble Kitchen running by star chef Edwin Kats. The design of the space helps visitors to unwind while relishing a cup of coffee with a croissant, having a small lunch or snack, or taking a well-deserved drink at the end of the day. The cafe is divided into several semantic areas with a bar, lounge areas and tables for groups of several people.

Restaurant Noble Kitchen is located in iconic new premises on the Bernardus Golf Course. Noble Kitchen is more than just a restaurant. Under one roof there are four multifunctional meeting rooms and Bernardus Café, Bar & Brasserie with panoramic views over the Bernardus Golf Course.

Lobby. Golf Course Bernardus is supposed to be an extension of the surrounding land achieving harmony between the course, the clubhouse and the nature of Brabant.

A 3D image of a meeting room that can host up to 150 people for work-related events and workshops. There are four multi-purpose rooms in the building including one large room with a panoramic view and boardrooms.

Office. There are spaces for small management meetings. Brown and sand shades, natural stone and wood are part of the interior and a logical continuation of the place viewed through the panoramic windows of the building.

Lounge. The finish of the interior is durable, making it ideally suited to areas where extra traffic is expected.

CGI Still Imagery
Cromvoirts Landgoed BV Gloss BVBA
Pieter Laureys, Patrick Russ
85 hectare