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Frame+View is a creative studio, based in Amsterdam and working globally. We offer design and visualization of architecture and interior. We build (digital) architecture for online and offline use, whether it’s for the environment you live in, the technology you use or the media you see. Trained as architects, we focus on making sure designs and visuals are both beautiful and useful.

We work with creative clients, who understand that it’s the end user that matters most. These clients are hard to find, so once we work with them, we treat them well. Our clients are from a range of fields related to architecture and interior – such as architects, developers, planners, interior designers and product manufacturers.

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Size does (not) matter

We work for companies of all scales, but companies do not need design services. People do. That’s why we’re a small team and we like it that way. It gives us the ability to communicate directly, deliver projects quickly and dedicate our attention to the projects that we want to do, rather than the projects we have to do.

We’re fortunate to work for great brands with great people.





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